Grow your Karma with this Collection of Posts

While working for Texter Communications, I wrote several posts for the socially conscious blog and app company, GoodKarms.

13 Reasons to Help

13 Reasons Why has become a Netflix phenomenon, but perhaps we should be asking why? It's relevant, packs an emotional punch and has a complex message that connects with its viewers . . .

Summertime Karmic Deeds

Summer is here, everyone is enjoying the warm weather and traveling off to exotic lands on vacation. It’s a time to feel good and there’s so many ways to brighten up the world around you . . .

Three Philosophies on Gratitude: Do You Follow These Principles?

Gautama Buddha, otherwise known as the Buddha and the founder of Buddhism, was born in BC 624 in a place called Lumbini, now called Nepal. Buddha was born a prince and grew up surrounded by a life of luxury . . .

Celebrity Mindsets: How Do Celebrities Give Back?

These celebs may be rich and famous, but they still find the time to give back to others. Find out if you share these karmic mindsets.

A Good Karma Diet

Has anyone ever talked to you about the health benefits of doing good deeds? No? Well, here’s a few facts that may surprise you.

Why We Have Trouble Seeking Help

This post is for everyone, including you. Everybody needs support sometimes, although asking for help can be incredibly difficult and may not always feel like the right thing to do . . .

Karma in the City: A Survival Guide

Those who live in New York City truly understand the meaning of ‘word hard, play hard’. In the city that never sleeps, everyone is too busy, too active, too engrossed . . .

Don't Check Your Phone: 34 Things to Do When You Wake Up

Checking your phone is always tempting. The invention of instant messaging has caused people to become addicted to their phones . . .

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