Perfect Places in the City of Prague

Everywhere you step in 'the Golden City' there's something beautiful to see.

Colourful houses in pink, yellow and blue line the streets, trams rattle past and ancient buildings can be found around every corner. Not to mention the coursing Vtlava river that slices the city in two, the grand old Charles Bridge with towering statues and the mountain of parkland that sits in the distance. A single day isn't enough time and I'm not convinced two days was either.

I travelled there just me and a friend, we arrived on a Sunday night and left on the Wednesday - that left a late night, two full days and a busy morning - I guess it could be considered three days altogether, yet still not enough time!

Waiting in the Wings

We landed late and night had fallen by the time we checked into the hotel and headed out again. In search of the most important thing at that time of night - food - we went walking to the local supermarket and came across a huge pair of angel wings painted on a wall. Naturally, photographs were essential before returning to our goal of hunting down some supper.

Ending up in the bread section, after passing a fantastic display of Milka complete with cow head prop in the centre of it all, we browsed the huge doughy masterpieces and came across a sweet creature that looked like a giant teddy bear with little raisin eyes. Turns out he's not quite as sweet as he appeared. This little teddy creature was the terrifying Christmas demon, Krampus. I think it was made of Zopf dough? And he was delicious.

Investigating the City

The next morning was the first of many crossings of the grand old Charles Bridge. Delving into the winding streets of Old Town we passed a mix of independent and chain storefronts, all squashed inside narrow buildings.

We ate chocolate at The Chocolate Museum and watched a demonstration on the art of making praline, we walked through a hall of mirrors at The Museum of Senses and a spinning tunnel with purple lights whirling around and making me dizzy.

Finally we made it to Wenceslas Square, stopped by the Dancing House and headed back across the bridge. [The best bars in Prague]

The Palace at the Top of the Hill

After a lazy morning we raced up the steps of Castle Hill for the changing of the guard, hearing the band playing loudly as we approached. Then we saw them, hanging out of the windows of the palace while we joined the group of spectators on the cobbles below and watched the parade in deep blue uniforms march to the gates, the two chosen soldiers knocking the ceremonial rifle a few times before swapping places with their predecessors.

The crowds filtered away and we had a chance to see the open square and the fantastic view out across the city. Up the hill, past more souvenir shops and ice cream shops we came to the best place on the trip: The Museum of Czech Literature. It was next to a magnificent monetary and little cafe where we got a coffee while enjoying the second best view in the city. Inside was a beautiful library with paintings in the wall and ladders leading up to the highest shelves.

On the way back down the sloping streets we took a route past more colourful terrace houses and at last tried the traditional Czech treat: a spiralled donut-like Trdelník enjoyed with a scoop of caramel ice cream. We past the John Lennon wall and a huge beautiful church which we stumbled upon while making our way back.

Taking a Bit of Prague Home

The morning of the last day I picked out two huge pottery mugs with traditional Czech designs to take home for my family, mum's a potter so loves to see ceramics from other potters and different countries around the world.

I have also stuffed my suitcase full of Christmas presents - a very successful trip!

With wonderful architecture and unique spots, it's an unforgettable city.

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