Travel In 2019: Remote And Remarkable New Year's Destinations

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Where to welcome in the new year? You've heard of the New Year's Eve celebrations that take place in Sydney, New York and up in ancient Scotland.

This list is a little bit different. It's a top ten of some of the most special, peaceful or remote places around the world to wake up to a new year.

Leh, Himalayas

Go for a New Year's Day walk/hike around the mountains of the Himalayas. Snow, blue skies and views will make an unique start to the new year.

Photo by Sergey Pesterev

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Hawaii? Fiji? Old news.

Try a trip to Isle of Pines, a tiny island just off New Caledonia and spend the first day of 2019 luxuriating on a white sand beach.

Photo by Sebastien Jermer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the night of the 31st December a tradition takes place: red roses and white flowers are thrown into the waves as an offering to Yemanja, the Godess of the Sea, so that she might bring you peace and plenty in the year to come. It helps that the months between December and March is considered the best time of year to visit so the first day of 2019 you can hit the beach.

Photo by Raphael Nogueira

Skógafoss, Iceland

If luck is with you and you're in the right location on the big night, you may get to be one of the lucky few to see the northern lights. While, during the daylight hours, walk down to the crashing waters of Skógafoss waterfall.

Photo by Simon Migaj

El Nido, Philippines

Alight on an island in the middle of the ocean for New Year's Eve and celebrate like the locals by wearing polka dots - traditional a new year dress as circles as associated with good luck. Ensure you have good luck by filling your pockets with coins, stocking up on oranges and and ensuring you have circles of lemon slices in your pina colada.

Photo by Cris Tagupa

Montago Bay, Jamaica

Often overflowing with yachts, these white sand shores and clear

waters encapsulate paradise. Wake up to sunshine and spend the first day of the new year diving shipwrecks with turtles and the vibrant fish that live among the coral reefs. Or lie back and sunbathe on one of those luxurious yachts.

Photo by Juan Jose

Anchorage, Alaska

With celebrations and parades throughout town the night of the new year and endless scenic landscape with snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes, it's a beautiful escape and you could even step away form the festivities to see if you could spot the northern lights. Spend New Year's Day on a snowmobile, skiing, or dog sledding.

Photo by Hari Nandakumar

Enjoyed this little list of incredible places to spend the first day of the new year? For more travel inspiration, take a look at my post where I've collected together ten remarkable libraries for book lovers.

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